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A Han dynasty money tree stored in theHong Kong Heritage Museum

Chinese legend has it that the money tree (搖錢樹) is a kind of holy tree, which can bring money and fortune to the people, and that it is a symbol of affluence, nobility and auspiciousness. It can be traced back to primitive societies when the adoration of a holy tree was prevalent. Whilst Money trees may be derived from the Sun tree myth associated with paradise, the coins link paradise with a material bounty in this world[1]. There also exists a holy tree named Chinese Hibiscus in Chinese mythology. According to the existing historical narratives, the concept of the “money tree” is derived at the latest from the Han Dynasty[2]. Cast-bronze money trees are a conspicuous feature of Han tombs in Sichuan[3].




Money trees have been excavated by archaeologists from Han tombs in western China in and near Sichuan Province[4], an indication that the adoration of the money tree was prevalent in the Han Dynasty[5].


They are made from bronze and green-glazed earthenware. Money trees are decorated with scenes of paradise containing magical creatures and immortals including the sun bird, the moon toad, the deer who finds the main ingredient for the elixir of immortality, and the clever monkey who steals the elixir[6].

[edit]Myths and folk tales


One folk tale tells of a sculptor who placed fake money on a tree in order to trick villagers into cutting it down for him. But so many people believed the tree to be sacred that it became sacred and the sculptor is warned that if he cuts down or harms the tree he will be cursed. At the end of the story the sculptor is bribed not to harm the tree.[7]

Also, if you touch the leaf, you will have good fortune.

[edit]The underworld

It was thought that the coins emitted light, or that the coins guided the deceased, who would ride on a winged ram up the ceramic mountain to the bronze tree of paradise. These coins could also be plucked for needs on the journey from earth to the realm of immortals[8].

[edit]Chinese New Year

The Money tree regains popularity during the Chinese New Year. According to custom, money trees are made of a bushy pine or cypress branch nestled inside a porcelain pot filled with rice grains. Melon seeds and pine nuts are sprinkled over the top of the rice. Decorating the branches are gold and silver coin garlands made of paper. Symbols of long life (including paper cranes and deer) also embellish the tree, which is usually topped by the genie of wealth, Liu Hai, or the character for happiness.[9] In Malaysia the Chinese put out Money Trees on the second day of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.[10]

TAKEN FROM WIKIPEDIA – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_tree_(myth)


The History of the Money Tree

The History of the Money Tree

With the money tree gaining popularity in the United States, many people wonder how it all got started.

The money tree is said to bring wealth, good fortune and prosperity.  Here is the story that I was able to find:

There was a poor farmer in Taiwan.  He prayed and prayed for help with his struggling finances.  One morning, he went out to his fields and noticed a strange, yet beautiful, plant that he had never seen before.  He hoped that maybe this plant was the answer to his prayers.

He took the plant home and took very good care of it.  Soon, he was able to make the money from the nuts from the plant.  When he grew more of the money tree plants, he was able to sell those for money as well.

His money troubles were over thanks to this wonderful plant that he believed had been sent down from above.

That is the history of the money tree.

The Money Tree Plant – Pachira Aquatica

The Money tree Gift

Imagine you are about to start a new business.  You are anxious and worried that maybe this will not work out.  A good friend of yours gives you a money tree gift and explains that this plant will bring wealth, prosperity and good fortune.  What a thoughtful gesture!  This is why the money tree plant is often given as a gift when someone is beginning a new adventure.

If you know someone who is getting married, starting a new job, graduating or any other exciting new start, the money tree gift is a thoughtful one that says you were really thinking about them and wishing for their continued success.  Every time your gift recipient sees the money tree, they will think of you and know that you wish them well.

TAKEN FROM – http://mse.hubpages.com/hub/The-History-of-the-Money-Tree


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